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True Unlimited Storage

There is no need to worry about deleting old files to free up space. Backup any, or all folders on your device with ease. Any file type can be backed up and restored on any machine.

Keep Your Files Safe

Viruses come in many shapes and forms. Some clog up your computer with ads. Some install malicious programs on your device. Some can even lock up all of your important files… that’s where StormCloud comes in.

Create Backup Schedules

Storm Cloud allows you to back up your computers and servers at any time. Save time by not having to worry about whether your files are backed up. Set a daily backup schedule to run every night while your employees are away from their workstations.

Organize & Backup With The Storm Cloud Native Application For Windows

You don’t have to deal with a clunky web interface anymore. Backup, manage, and restore your files using the Storm Cloud application on your PC or MAC. Installation is quick, easy, and painless.

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